Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough. As you are shifting you will begin to realize you are not the same person you used to be. You see, growth is very misleading because it sounds like it's going to be fun but the reality is, it is not. In fact, it will consist of deliberately making yourself so uncomfortable it will feel like you're dying. But keep showing up authentically as you. Always follow what feels right and good to your soul and you will be led to the beautiful life that is meant for you. Sadly, so many people stay stuck because of learned behaviors and different environments. Some that not everyone has a choice in growing up into and the result is generational curses that continue to linger. If you can relate to this and you would like to see more growth amongst all the beautiful people in the world then this GrowthPak is for you! It has a spacious inside compartment (with a pocket for your laptop), and a hidden back pocket for safekeeping your most valuable items.

• Made from 100% polyester
• Fabric weight: 9.56 oz/yd² (325 g/m²), weight may vary by 5%
• Dimensions: 16.1″ (41 cm) in height, 12.2″ (31 cm) in width, and 5.5″ (14 cm) in diameter
• Capacity: 5.3 gallons (20 l)
• Max weight: 44 lbs (20 kg)
• Water-resistant material
• Large inside pocket with a separate pocket for a 15” laptop, a hidden pocket with zipper on the back of the bag
• Top zipper has 2 sliders, and there are zipper pullers attached to each slider
• Silky lining, piped inside hems, and a soft mesh back
• Padded ergonomic bag straps from polyester with plastic strap regulators
• Blank product components sourced from China

BAM "GrowthPak"

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